Dialogues to Have when You're Letting the Dishes Dry

There are four things I expect out of any relationship. Four? I thought you were going to come up with a 3-thing definition, since 3 is your favorite number. Yeah, that's what I had come up with long ago, for the sake that 3 was my thing, therefore it would have to be 3. But recently, I have to be honest and tell you that I loved being surprised by this even number instead: I surrendered to the new, to the break of patterns and standards, which honestly made me feel very uneasy, as if I had betrayed number 3 I guess... yeah. But then, since I had applied the basic 3 elements that I thought were important, 3 did not feel left out, it was actually very happy when it realized that the addition of another number was going to be beneficial and important for our growth, for us both. Yeah, I mean, 3 knew for sure you are not a heartless bitch who wants to fuck with it so its feelings remained untouched. Did yours too? Yes, of course. And here's where the final element comes to tie together all other 3, for without this last one, I'm just going to be what I have been all my existence: a beautiful and awesome woman, the sweetest woman I have ever met in my entire life, the woman who changed my life! And then that but comes into scene... and I'm tired of buts. Very, very tired. So, here they are: Honesty, Loyalty, Communication and Reciprocity. Was reciprocity the new element? Yes. How can you even start anything without reciprocity? I guess I believe people eventually will balance things out, realize that when you walk hand to hand instead of in front or behind, things become so much more solid and everlasting. But there's a very weird need of being the submissive (always being taken care of) or being the dominant (always taking care of) one. And it's easy to play that role when you feel the other 3 elements are there because reciprocity is so implicit and way too obvious that you tend to forget about it.

Well, I'm never ever going to forget about it again.


Irina Sarnetskaya said...

4 is an even number, thus to me it implies reciprocity.

Raffaella Ciavatta said...

even numbers don't necessarily imply reciprocity at all. Wouldn't it be possible, in all this polyamory ideals that 3, 5, etc people are equally loved? Well, I don't believe in that = ) but the point was not about being even or odd, it was about the important points.


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