True Love Never Dies and Stays Together

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The flame of love
never burns down:
I lit the cigarette,
passion is ash,
love is smoke,
Ashtray to dust off
mouth to inhale
what's forever,
our forever,
you like Derrida,
and so do I!
I deconstruct myself
into you, you
contextualize yourself
into me,
I like Jung,
you do too!
How can you deny
bodies moving in sync
(look how easy we fit),
thoughts running through
(perfect timing).
How can you deny
you're the love of my life?
And if you can't,
will you just give
yourself to me?


I am about
to squeak
soundless shouts
of emptiness,
I'm this
close to
fist, grin,
wrist, razor,
I'm heading,

I am Lying

What is it good
about it?
I shall tell you
how I write
for people unknown
with such passion
you'd think
we're the happiest
on earth!
How I create rhymes
for endless nights
of crime, so high that
I could never ever rhyme!
How my ink is so
there's no other
logical explanation
rather than
I killed someone!
I know you almost
spontaneously died
out of breath,
out of words for
those verses.

But you can't
be a poet
if you can't lie,
and I lie,
like no other,
in the end,
what's a circus
without a magician?

Natural State of Freedom

I tripped on her,
I fell on you
In #M27

How louder touch,
Lips, eyes, breath
Louder than
My thoughts
Of tripping on
Her and falling
On you

Fearing not
My natural
State of freedom:
(Flip this 90ͦ CCW)

The city, the buildings,
This sidewalk, you are,
We are, all one,
The lights, the rotten smoke,
The piss and trash,
That lovely grass,
You are, we
Are all

Arms open to
Freezing wind,
Chest upright
To the uknown

Did you say forever?
Ever lasts all seasons
Not only Fall.

Dear, who would die
To have the courage
To live like I do?
And who would
Kill for a change?
Who dares to
Live for
Pulsing sun rays of
Alive alive alive...

In my voice
(that I don't speak)
In your voice
(that you tremble)
Can you tell?
There's love there
Can you tell?

Ihre Energie. Meine Energie.

Please, read the following for this text is the first of a set of 2!

[Lots of photoshop later... I finally was satified = ]


Lately I've been writing less to say more. People are like "are you in lack of words or something?" I suppose they think "is this 6-line thing really a poem?" Well, I'm always trying to say something, even when I don't:

Energy She There Me Here Me There Blush Stroke Smile Forgetit Don'tforgetit Myex Yourex Youandme? Anotherdrink Sit Play Music Talk Poetry Feel Feel Feel Reason Reason Reason Reasonandfeeling? Opposites Complementary Zodiac Ascendant Surprise Notreally Synchronicities Fuck Coincidences Balance? We'retrying! Cheerstolife Cheers Tomeetingyou Movies Trips Parties I'mlosingmymindstaringathereyes Touch I'mreallygonnalosemymindifshejusthappenstotouchmeagain NO IDEA Wish Wish Icouldtellher 12:12 Makeawish: Rain Drops Fall... I gotta leave before I fall.

Meine Energie in ihrig. Ihre Energie in meinig.

Set of 2, Part 2

Energy She There Me Here Me There Blush Sit Listen Cigarette Urgh Alright Directions Foreign! So So Pretty Help Icanhelp You Blush Talk Talk Talk Talk Bar? Yeah! Blush And that feeling of being completly Naked You'remaking Me Feel Naked Girl If Only You Knew... KISS... Energy SheHereMeHereWithHerSheWithMeUs Thus Forget it! Let's Go You and I Zodiac Who Cares Music Oh YEAH! Scientist? Geez I'm an artist, Forget It! I'llpaintyourbodywithbeautifulmolecularshapes She Smiles I Smile SheI Ishe She I IShe I am not losing my mind, girl, I am finding it. Rain Drops Fall, I grabbed her hand to let myself fall...

Dialogue about a Past with Present Syndrome

- Why do you still cry and have jealousy panic attacks and want to kill her and forget her and be with her and love her? It's been 1 year already! One year... Do you honestly think if you two were together now she would make you happy?

- (and I had totally forgotten about the happiness part) No.

- You dare to call this love buddy? I suppose we're pretty fucking selfish-egocentric ourselves.

- And maybe you have a too idealized concept of love, buddy.

State of Emergency

The red button
begs to be touched.
I need it now
(to cause fire?).
But isn't it
supposed to fight fire?
Destruction and
in the same choice.

Mrs. President,
it's time to make a decision.

Random Thoughts #2

The taste of friendship: like chewing everlasting Duracells.

Random Thoughts

[I was going to post one of my designs but I love this one SO bad and it's just great anyways! Original link]
I'd rather have you shock me with truth than offend my intelligence with your lies.

The Power of Choice

Soy milk creamy skin
against mine;
black beer wavy hair
stroking my face,
spilling abstract communication;
the weight of our bodies
so right.

Our hands play the piano
of curves,
we play like we know it,
like it's not the first time.

Our lips compete against
kisses and moans.
Two bodies lay naked
next to one another,
and on the next day kisses
are between sex and love,
connection or fear
(walk away or stay),
everything or nothing...
could it just be something?

The Unheard is Sweeter

If I had words

I would write

sentences of cinnamon

vanilla across your skin

but for now I choose

the silence of my hand

in your hand

whispering those

unwritten words,

weightless and timeless.


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