At the restaurant she said she's afraid of missing out on things: she wants everything at the same time, I told her
"well, try eating rice and beans with sashimi and hamburger all the same time. Bet your favorite dishes taste delicious now, huh?"


Irina Sarnetskaya said...

That sounds like a pretty good combination. Hold the Sashimi, maybe. Or maybe a Sashimi burger? ...with rice and beans.

I mean, last night I had spiced mango with hummus and bread. And enjoyed it.

Raffaella Ciavatta said...

On choice: we obviously can manipulate anything to our advantage, or justify anything to make us feel better and face things differently, it's the art of self deception (I recommend Lies We Live by: Art & Uses of Self Deception: The Art and Uses of Self-Deception by Giannetti Eduardo, you would be IMPRESSED with this book). As the title suggested, choice, it is about making choices and dealing with the consequences, which can be pretty predictable or not. In this case the character had 3 things main dishes she theoretically loved equally or differently but on the same degree as loving those dishes. At the restaurant (the setting) she cannot just choose whatever comes to her head, she has "rules" she must respect due to the context. Perhaps out of it it would make sense that she did whatever she wanted, for she would only be affecting herself and no one else. = )


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