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The candle
is soundless
And the infinity
it creates reechoes
lost poems
I've forgotten since
I was a child

The simple ones,
The ones that matter.

The shadows
Flickering bodies in motion
Painted on my walls
With a tint of yellow...
Ah... That was your hair.
Like the sun at the day time
And Sky blue at night...
There is no day without night
I said.

I keep waiting for a sound
of Fire,
a taller than the rest
That motion of flickering bodies
Soundless because it's simple
Like when I was child
and I saw your hair
Yellow at day time
and Sky blue at night

Do you think it's stupid?
To wish for what's simple
And hurts and makes me laugh
Like night and day
And yellow and blue
Just want bodies that echoes
Flickering motions on my walls
of you and I

Love is not enough

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There are certain things
To which love is not enough

I dated this girl
You, see, when the subway
Comes and cuts through
A void we all share,

us, zombies

standing on the platform,
wake up and feel, damnit,
let this wind undo your hair
and shut your eyes for the first time in this long, long day,

let a smile of relief be freed…!

I can't be with someone
stays unmoved and untouched
by subway arrivals.

There are certain things
To which love is not enough

I ordered coffee after
our 5th date she said I'll take
tea. Tea... I thought, ok.
English Breakfast. English breakfast...?!

It could be worse.
Actually, she rephrases, Earl Grey.

I persisted and ignored the tea accident
by sleeping over on our 7th date.
In the morning,
before brushing my teeth,
I savaged through her cabinets,
sniffing for arabica beans,
like a hunting dog
and all I found
were these miserable tea bags
leading a boring and meaningless life:
never trust someone
who doesn't drink coffee.

There are certain things
To which love is not enough

Like on cold night,
bare, bones and colder news
I had to rush and visit
one of my best friends,
left in the sheets of coma.
he had nothing to feel.
he left that duty to us who lingered
and had still most of our senses connected
to the nerves we dared think made sense…
So I called him up explaining why
I had to go see my friend,
you'd think guys would sometimes be
more sensitive & understanding than girls...

that's every bisexual's fatal mistake.

He said why bother if he's sleeping anyways,
it's not like it makes a difference.

There are certain things
To which love is not enough
Like laying next to a friend in a coma.


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