State of Emergency

The red button
begs to be touched.
I need it now
(to cause fire?).
But isn't it
supposed to fight fire?
Destruction and
in the same choice.

Mrs. President,
it's time to make a decision.


bulmaro said...

Nuk-ie time? :D

AcidBurn said...

on State of Emergency

What is it that you claim when you want the red button to be pressed? Do you wanna construct or desconstruct that feeling of being alive of believing you have everything, but then, what is everything but just a way of saying you have nothing in terms of the state of mind people get from times to times. It's all the dualism again, but i may call it 'polism' this time when there is nuances like 'i'm happy, everything' 'i'm sad, everything' 'i'm sad, nothing' 'i'm happy, nothing'. I wish we could desconstruct the universe of molecules in order to desconstruct who i've been told to be. what is the state of emergency, say, emergency pre says it's a state, it's a moment. and state, say, state of a feeling you standardize as urgent, cause it's now, cause it hurts, cause it's burning. it's a trap. and still you're one of those to survive.


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