Ihre Energie. Meine Energie.

Please, read the following for this text is the first of a set of 2!

[Lots of photoshop later... I finally was satified = ]


Lately I've been writing less to say more. People are like "are you in lack of words or something?" I suppose they think "is this 6-line thing really a poem?" Well, I'm always trying to say something, even when I don't:

Energy She There Me Here Me There Blush Stroke Smile Forgetit Don'tforgetit Myex Yourex Youandme? Anotherdrink Sit Play Music Talk Poetry Feel Feel Feel Reason Reason Reason Reasonandfeeling? Opposites Complementary Zodiac Ascendant Surprise Notreally Synchronicities Fuck Coincidences Balance? We'retrying! Cheerstolife Cheers Tomeetingyou Movies Trips Parties I'mlosingmymindstaringathereyes Touch I'mreallygonnalosemymindifshejusthappenstotouchmeagain NO IDEA Wish Wish Icouldtellher 12:12 Makeawish: Rain Drops Fall... I gotta leave before I fall.


AcidBurn said...

on Ihre Energie. Meine Energie.

Energy Read Eyes Read Mind Me Text Eyes Mind mind Mine Me Text Eyes Mind Again ThinkThinkThink Picture Energy Feeling Feel Eyes Colour Blacknocolour Whiteallcolour Chairback Chairforth and Back and Forth Close Eyes Open Black Close Purple Open Green Energyeatingthoughts FOCUS FOCUS Focas FOCUS Fotus FOCUS us us us FOCUS Fuck FUCK focus Fuck me! ... I loved it but you confused me!


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