Meine Energie in ihrig. Ihre Energie in meinig.

Set of 2, Part 2

Energy She There Me Here Me There Blush Sit Listen Cigarette Urgh Alright Directions Foreign! So So Pretty Help Icanhelp You Blush Talk Talk Talk Talk Bar? Yeah! Blush And that feeling of being completly Naked You'remaking Me Feel Naked Girl If Only You Knew... KISS... Energy SheHereMeHereWithHerSheWithMeUs Thus Forget it! Let's Go You and I Zodiac Who Cares Music Oh YEAH! Scientist? Geez I'm an artist, Forget It! I'llpaintyourbodywithbeautifulmolecularshapes She Smiles I Smile SheI Ishe She I IShe I am not losing my mind, girl, I am finding it. Rain Drops Fall, I grabbed her hand to let myself fall...


jessica said...

these are really beautiful.


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