Still Untitled

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I've been meaning
to write a poem that
starts like this:
the best orgasms
I've ever had,
I gave them myself.

And another one that
somewhere in between this line
and that one
it would talk about how
wood can bend and how much of
Tolerance you've deforested

I've been really meaning
to edify such beautiful


fearless and just... Real.

That would make
wonder things like
why do you abbreviate
such meaningful terms as
public display of affection
into something equivalent to

Seriously... how can you treat
Chinese food?

What I've been really
meaning to do is
come up on stage
and have you look
at me,
like you wanted
to find out why my poetry
is coming out of my mouth
like this.

so rare.

like I wanted you
to eat it, to digest
these uncooked emotions.

Speaking of rare emotions,
I've been really meaning
to finish that piece
that went this far:
"From a steamy window
I watch singular
Open & Close their mouths
to Eat.

I hear what they say,
the clinking of silverware,
I feel what they feel,
Medium Rare Emotions.



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