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I feel this massive...
this massive massiveness.

I slept for 9 point 30 hours.
I feel so insomniac.

I looked at myself in
the mirror when I slept walk
and swore to myself I would
not be like that anymore.
I swore to myself like
that actress
from that commercial.

I got 1/5 things
done today.
I'm assuming I should I include
1 as being alive.

A man in the subway
played the harmonica.
it reminded me of old days of
Alanis Morisette
but nobody gave a fuck.
and quite frankly,
neither did I.

I skipped Trance on my iPod.

I fantasized and I fantasized,
about her telling me over and
over again "you are so childish,
you are so immature..."

I swore when she said
"they are gonna pick you.
You and your design"

I felt this
massiveness of being
exactly who I had always
dreamed of.

So I dreamed about
about how my
poster saved the world and
about naked men that looked
and felt like women,
and it made me wonder...

when did you diverge?

when did you choose?

when did you stop choosing?

when did the massive become so massive
to the point that I don't feel it anymore?
to the point that I choose
to make it

so light

to make it


to make it




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