Upside down words
bleed perfectly from pen to paper,
pulsate in the
brain of my heart
signals of
between your lips
and mine:

I just ran out of ink, girl,
I need some inspiration!

You blew smoke
in my mouth,
it made home
my lungs,
it stole my oxygen,
and you were scientifically
allowed to do so.

You insisted I
I have no problems with
when it's your skin
blending into mine.

I mentally write with my right,
I think with my left,
you tell me now
if love ain't ambidextrous?

You had to agree with me,

Your silent words twisted
around the earlobes
of my fears.
Mine tingling
the bellybutton of
your certainties...

Who would have thought
we'd ever use more than
8% of the brain in our hearts!?



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