Prozaic Poetry

[Yes, prozaic with "z" ;)]

Why do I keep
coming to these
open mic poetry nights thing?

It's pathetic
how lonely my poems
feel laying down on the
yellowish ruled pages of my Moleskine.

It's just pathetic
how the ink wants
to bleed its way out
of these
yellowish ruled pages of my Moleskine.

Is it really just
my poetry,
product of the void
eating my little humanity alive?
Or is it its author
laying bare naked
on top of these
cold lines from the
yellowish ruled pages of my Moleskine?

Do you really
want to know
I keep
coming to these
open mic poetry nights thing?

You know how people
go to bars, get a little drunk,
expect a beautiful, tall,
blond, blue-eyed, intelligent,
complex but not complicated,
very affectionate,
wild but not crazy girl,
between the age of
24 and 30,
preferably Aries, Aquarius,
Leo or Sagittarius
to sit next to them,
be in the same wavelength,
talk, laugh, challenge,
perhaps slightly touch,
pretend that it's too loud,
she can't hear them, so she
has to get closer.
And all of this in the
amount of time it takes you
to finish your favorite drink?

Well, that's what I do at
open mic poetry nights thing.

I drink poetry,
I get girls drunk
with my poems,
I talk, I make them laugh,
I challenge them,
I touch them, and it's not
just slightly touch.
I pretend like nobody else does
that it's-too-loud-I-can't-hear-you deal,
so I have
to get closer, I have to
make them feel the warm
air coming out of my
poetic mouth:

I take them home,
I make love, this is why
I'm a poet;
they fuck, this is why
they are just girls.
I feel metaphors
crawling up and down my
spine, there are rhymes
coming in, coming out,
in and out.
In. Out.


The last stanza
and the climax.

That's what I tell myself.
That it was poetic...
how I turned the lamp off,
how all that remained was
the dull light of a cheap neon
sign reflected on my window.

And you dare to fuckin'
ask me why I keep coming to these
open mic poetry nights thing??
You fuckin' heartless prick,
I keep coming back
because I have not yet found love.


AcidBurn said...

I can't believe I was able to see it live. Amazing, it kinda does match you. Sometimes, not always.


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