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Dear Mr. Plato,
I'm writing you this very deep and honest little note to let you know that I hate you Sir. I do. I hate you as much as I hate the idea of you. So, may all your Platonism and ideals just basically go to hell. Why? Because you made theory practice and practice theory and let me tell you something Mr. I-was-born-in-Athens... one thing is very FUCKING different than the other. If only the idea of something was enough to make us practice it... how do you explain that people fully understand a concept yet don't act according to them, although they agree with it? And no, don't make me give you a concrete example, you're too good at reading in between the lines...

Dear Mr. Vinícius de Moraes,
I'm writing you this kind and warm note to let you know that your concept of love is actually very right, although I hate you and hate your poetry. How quick you get into love, how quick you forget it, very clever. Yeah, may this feeling called "love" be eternal until it lasts, just like you have always said repeatedly like this hammering in my head "may love be eternal until it lasts". You are so full of crap, but you Sir, you understood the nature of people, I am just too much like Mr. Plato to agree with you... I have this spark of hope that refuses to give in, that whole I understand the concept but can't act on it. I admire you Sir, for you really saw us humans for what we are, full of crap.


AcidBurn said...


never thought you'd be the one accepting this thought... hehehe
now you send a letter to Mrs. Chan Marshall and asks her how she manages not to venture out into the lives of the new! LOL


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