How come my so called schizophrenia only gets worse if my brain is being bombed with dopamine type 2 (D₂) and serotonin type 2 (5HT₂) antagonism? Really… why do I feel so detached from reality… are my thoughts of being crushed on the floor from a thirty-store high building real or have I already jumped? My pieces would look like a squashed pumpkin to the ground… sort of pieces and puree.
I have it all here man, it’s all in my hands, I could powder anything, anyone, no mercy, no second thoughts, just a fist shape. Pleasure.
Next. The urge of brutality; aggressiveness is before my eyes, just shut the fuck up, just back the fuck off… just…
Next. Guilt and an infinite pitch-dark open field, then a cubicle, then no floor. Nothing matters, just suck me in.
Next. I’ll be all you need.
Next. I have nothing to give.
And that is my picture.

[Pic by Real-Faker]



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