the Play

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My poetry
became a stripper.
every word's a spin,
every line's a show.

I gave it a $10.
then a $20.
then nothing at all...
the gentleman
next to me then gave it a $100.

My poetry
became a prostitute.
every metaphor's a moan
every rhyme's an extra charge.

I visited it once.
Then twice.
Then never again...
The bi-curious lady took a picture of it and left it by the night stand as she was getting dressed.

My poetry

became a photographer.
every theme's an angle,
every poem's a reflecting moment.

I let look at me it once.
I opened myself to it twice.
Then always:
conceptual shots
were always my thing.

My poetry
became an artist.
every change's meant to be,
every full stop's a comma.

I wrote like that often.
I felt it all even more often.
Then I collected
pieces thinking they made myself


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