Lady of Justice, Unfolded

R: I just had a whole brow and I'm almost at Webster and for some tingling reason I wanted to text you while I giggle and jiggle with the trance in my earplugs.
It's so funny... I'm having these narcissistic moments as I'm walking lol everyone is looking at me with passion and desire... like this woman just now looked at me, up and down and slowly bit her bottom lip. I felt it in the bottom too. Very bottom. Even knowing I'm clearly a top who enjoys variety and being put into place.
Censure me if I'm getting too sexual.

C: Whole brow? You know I was typing as you wrote that, and now... Well, I just don't know what to say, lol. Did you read your horoscope?

R: This Chinese man on his bike just grabbed his bars. His little rice and shrimp boxes swinging around: the pendulum of my life. The repetition and endless patterns of shyness before the new. Where's that woman who can handle who I am in my purest essence, a woman who doesn't find in my perfectionism the perfect excuse not to give back, to abuse the generosity in my hands, to exploit the depths of my emotions, to enslave me to an eternal unbreakable pattern...? HA, I'm feeling so Shakespearean! [I think she asked me if I had read my horoscope?] Wonder if she'll be all about Derrida and will deconstruct me in every line and touch, she'll read my chapters as if every single time was the first time... TO HELL with running. I know she's a marathoner, she's got warrior legs and a mind control that goes beyond the finishing line. But she'd rather walk by my side. She's not a libra but she's got that poise that not even I can hold so well...

C: Hey, my mom just looked at me and said: "I don't have a whole other world here. No one's contacting me!"

R: I swear C, hope is a fucking curse and a blessing. Nietzsche strongly advised me not to lose hope. If he didn't why would I? My horoscope. Yeah. It says: "LIBRA - Considering all the changes you've been through lately, it's fitting that the new moon on the 7th falls in your sign. Since a relationship abruptly evaporated in May, you've been quite a rollercoaster - and it's time to not only get off, but to also walk the heck out of the entire amusement park. Your ticket to a healthier, happier life? It's not unattainable and it's not being held by some grumpy ol'gatekeeper. It's free and right inside you.".



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