I lighted matches thinking it was a Zipo

Part 1


Do you lose
in people easily?
No, I gain interest
in everyone really quickly.

And there stood I,
one of many.

Imaginary answer

Listen, I am 24 years
old and I don’t need

The unreal most real answer of all times, the biggest joke of the century

Is everything ok?
Huh? Yeah…


How about you?
I lose Interest
really quickly.

And there stood she,
one of many.

Relationship: a very subjective word

What? There was no
date! I am not meeting you.
Mmmm, is everything alright?
I’m just in a bad mood
now. People ask me stuff I
don’t want to talk about.
Who was it on the phone?
(Fuck! I shouldn’t have asked it)
I need some time alone.

She turned her back
and walked away,
I turned mine
but stayed.

Part 2

Attempt of connection #1

She came,
then she came to
see me perform.
I knew one or
two things about her;
talking was not really
her thing (she was a dancer,
among other things).
Talking was mine though
(I was a poet, among other things).

When did you write that poem?
(It was an old poem, and I, as
clever as any poet is, knew what
she wanted to hear)
Three months ago, but you
could have asked me
I chose to perform it tonight.
Why did you then?
(there, the smile I wanted
to get off her apathetic face)
Too bad you didn’t
ask me that in the

Attempt of connection #2

She came,
then we met
among innumerous sweaty
tight bodies, mmm very,
very nice bodies
must I say,
urgh, OK, maybe not all
hot, but yeah, all moving
to the sound of anything
else than their own
hammering thoughts.
There she was,
staring at nothingness,
barely blinking, faceless.
I approached her
anyways, at the
someone else grabbed her,
she looked at me and
closed her eyes.

Attempt of connection #3

She certainly came,
I pretended I did,
and when I fake it,
I fake it to the bone,
when I’m hurt,
I hurt back three thousand
times more,
she just didn’t know it, yet.

Look, girl, I grabbed her,
we need to talk, now.
We blabbed and uttered words,
we threw
phrases in the semantics of air;
communication was the
joke of the century for her,
and I took it very,
very personally,

What? Am I too sweet for you?
Too sweet and too intellectual for her.

Finally she had the chance
to be the inspiration of
my writing, just like
she wanted in the first place.


AcidBurn said...

WOW, I love it! I must though say I was amused at some parts and I laughed a lot. But I loved the controvertion and priorities concerning the bounderies we set while trying to relate to another person in levels we don't really understand. It's about what pleases you. She was pleased enough not to speak while your bodies scraped each other to the bone. While you needed all the lack communication to communicate everybody that you need communication in order to improve one of the things you do best: being an intelectual!


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