It is devouring me.
My eyes shyly find themselves
drawn to look up and
allow my heart rate to
skip half a beat and
so I nearly die for that
half a second, die of a
somatized heart attack
with wide open eyes,
staring at its immensity,
at its bestiality.

It is devouring me.
Instead of dying it always
makes me stronger as its
cold and refreshing
breath invade my nostrils
and fills me up with
It is devouring me:

The devil in me.
She makes me want to go
through every dirty downtown
and every fancy uptown
corner. She,
makes me so famished
for more and more while
she carves her skyscraper-teeth
into my jugular.

She is devouring me
as I head east
her gracefulness and curves
turn to straight avenues
and solid blocks.

The devil in me as his
concrete creeps into my veins
and makes me unbeatable.

It is a never ending antropophagy,
my best friend, my mother and
father, my spirit and lover, my
New York City


AcidBurn said...


but hey

don't let it devour you entirely! it's always good to have something left to be eaten later...

Dave M said...

Wonderful new piece baby. A great picture to accompany it too. You're so talented. :)


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